Loan for the Purchase of the Motorcycle

The dream is to buy a flaming two-wheeler, with which to indulge in long journeys or simply to experience the thrill of driving it. The need is to find a loan for the purchase of the bike that is convenient, practical, easy to stipulate and that does not present any kind of problem.

And the solution is …

… the personal loan of ESL bank

... the personal loan of ESL bank

With the personal loan of ESL bank , it is possible to request a loan whose amount is between 2 thousand and 60 thousand euro. This is an example of consumer credit, ie it can only be used for the purchase of goods (such as a motorcycle, in fact) and / or services (and not, for example, to finance businesses or businesses).

The advantages guaranteed by the personal loan of ESL bank are different:

  • The interest rate remains fixed for the entire duration of the loan;
  • The installment is chosen based on the actual needs of the contractor;
  • The duration of the loan can be up to 120 months and no additional expense is envisaged;
  • The outcome of the loan is immediate, just a few days;
  • The documentation required to request the loan is minimal.

Requirements and documents

Requirements and documents

The personal loan of ESL bank can be requested by employees, self-employed workers, artisans and entrepreneurs aged between 18 and 75 years. The documentation to be presented is as follows:

  • Valid identity document;
  • Fiscal Code;
  • Documentation attesting the income;
  • Passport and residence permit (for non-EU applicants only);
  • Utility bill (if any).

To request the loan, you can reach the nearest branch of ESL bank or make an appointment by filling out the online form.

Zero-interest financing

Zero-interest financing

Zero-rate consumer credit is a particular form of financing promoted by a credit institution when it is desired to incentivize the purchase. This allows the applicant to face an otherwise unsustainable expense on really advantageous terms.

Used car

Used car

If the bike can be considered a dream, a used car, on the other hand, is more a necessity. Also in this case, the personal loan ESL bank is the solution for those looking for a loan for the purchase of a used car .