Loan Agreement Between Particulars

We have commented in several articles how the credits between individuals work and the risks that run both the people who lend the money and those who receive the money from the credit with insistence to the precaution that we must have to avoid falling into the thousands of online scams that circulate on the internet.

Once we have reached an agreement between private lender and borrower, what is necessary is to sign a contract between both parties in order to have legal validity and serve as a legal claim document in case there is a breach by any of the parts. This type of contract can also be used for family loans.

The basic parts to be collected by the loan contract between individuals must be at least the following:

The basic parts to be collected by the loan contract between individuals must be at least the following:

– The date and city of issuance of the credit and loan document

– Identify the interveners with the name, surnames, DNI, address and city indicating the representation they hold and the ability to hire, that is, of legal age, etc.

– The duration of the loan in years or months, the final maturity of the loan, the annual interest that will be charged for the borrowed amount. The way in which the credit will be returned, if it is through quotas or monthly, annual letters, upon expiration, etc.

– If there is any penalty in case of non-payment such as commission or interest for late payment. The manner in which said claim of non-payment will be effective so that said claim has reliable effects.

– How many personal or personal agreements do you want to add to the contract and finally indicate the city where the trial would take place in the event that a complaint of the contract and claim through the courts had to be made.

-Nonetheless, it is always more comfortable to copy some of the loan contracts between individuals that circulate through the network and for greater security have the advice of a lawyer.

NOTE.- No comments with personal data or insults or accusations are allowed as long as there is no final judicial decision. All comments that include some personal information or accusations will be edited.