Advantageously install installment payday loans online

The interest rate statistics published by the bank or savings bank branches with online loan agreements sometimes results in significant cost differences. Based on the national average, those who opted for a loan online paid 37.12 percent less lending rates. This figure shows that it is definitely worthwhile to take advantage of the offer of an in-depth credit comparison using the Internet.

The conventional loan

As before, most people in need of credit choose to go to a bank branch. Following the submission of a loan offer by this bank, most prospective buyers only seek another offer: The current credit compass of AG shows that an average of 2.1 loan offers are compared with each other before a credit agreement is finally concluded. Despite the offers of the online comparison portals, far too few people take advantage of this excellent opportunity money to save. Instead, clients often quickly trust their bank or savings bank financial adviser and refrain from studying other loan offerings. The result is often enough loan agreements, which annoy one later, because the interest rates are much too high.

Falling interest rates for online payday loans

Since 2012, interest rates on online loans have been steadily falling. Anyone opting for a loan online in 2018 saved an average of 41.24 percent compared to 2012. The MFI interest rate statistic compares an average interest rate of 3.69 percent for loans concluded on the internet in 2018 with a national average of 5.85 percent. There is a difference of 2.16 percentage points in favor of online credit.

Get the better loan without much effort

The advantages of an online comparison are obvious: The customer interested in a loan does not have to arrange consultancy appointments in various banks and take time for the talks, but can inform himself sitting on the PC. A credit portal is available to interested parties at any time of day or night, and an appointment is not necessary. After accessing the portal, an online loan calculator usually serves to compare the loans in question. Enter the desired loan amount, the preferred term and the usage type. After confirming the search request, the customer receives a clear presentation of several loan offers from various direct banks. Unlike in the bank branch, the interested party can compare the effective interest rates per annum and the monthly rates of different providers. Apart from simply choosing the most advantageous offer, the loan can be requested directly online.