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Planning a camping trip 5 must have things for kids

Planning a family camping trip this summer can be a great way to instill a love of nature to a child. Depending on their ages, it can be a wonderful experience; here are a few suggestions to help your young child transition from being an indoor kid to loving the outside. Whether it is a family camping trip or this is your child’s first summer camp away from the rest of the family, it doesn’t have to be scary for your child. Here are 5 things that can aid it making this transition an easy one:

camping trip

All kids have a favorite cartoon character or theme maybe they love Disney or are big fans of Mickey or Minnie Mouse. Consider picking up a Disney themed suitcase. It makes the experience more personal and it can calm an anxious camper. Having them pick out the suitcase can be therapeutic in that they will get excited about putting their belongings in the case in preparation for the trip.

They can also select a sleeping bag which is also themed with their favorite character. They can also select a swimsuit or outerwear that will always make them feel safe and calm. Most children are naturally inquisitive and after calming down from being in the campground then children will adjust naturally and appreciate the great learning experience associated with camping.

Don’t forget to include a scrapbook and a journal so they can write about their experience or add leaves or other things that they found interesting. Having cute Disney ear hats or headbands can allow them to bring their own personal creativity and touch to the camping experience. Wearing these can make a fireside marshmallow roast exciting because they get dressed for the experience and will probably capture the adventures with their selfies or photo collages.

Have them select a personalized water bottle for their trip. Again, this is something they will know and be easily identified as their own when going on hikes. Little things go a long way to ease the mind of a child. If they have never been camping makes sure to pack plenty of bug spray and sunscreen. It is never too early to protect the body from the elements. Kids love to play with imaginary friends and sometimes forget the time they are involved in these activities. Reapply the sunscreen and bug spray as needed during the trip.

Lastly, get the kids flip flops, moccasins or slip ons to wear before or after swimming. It reduces the chance that a child can get injured running outside without anything covering their feet. Consider getting a themed flashlight that can attach to their backpack or fanny pack because it really gets dark in the campground. It is also very useful during storytelling time.


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